Lida’s Apprentice


Apparently  Lida’s Apprentice was teased sans art on discord as card text only, then promptly deleted. Mysterious. Unseen. Seems about right.

Pundits have been quick to point out how ironic it is that her apprentice seems to be more powerful than Lida herself, but maybe its a Skywalker-Kenobi thing.

In any case, Can never be silenced is quite an interesting ability. Other units you control can’t be silenced makes it even more interesting. Note the word “never”, which implies beyond-board effects such as Vara’s Choice and Shush will not put a damper on this one’s big mouth.

Lida’s Apprentice is the anti-Fun Police. S/he will likely become an all-star in Haunting Scream decks and also play an important role in just about any situation where card text matters. I, for one, welcome our new, loud overlords.

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