Video of first-place finish in Tuesday Night Eternal’s November Expedition Challenge


It was gratifying to take first-place in Tuesday Night Eternal’s November Expedition Challenge with my own version of Stonescar Mastery.

But it is even more gratifying to know that community-driven Eternal Card Game competitions are alive and kicking thanks to this new series. Keep up the good work, lads!

You can catch all the action on demand at Telemokos’ Twitch channel, including this replay of the entire event.

Pictures at an Exhibition

Hanging this year’s Championship Power bases on the wall, and introducing the Eternal Power Calculator’s new title feature

Take a look at Power base visualizations for all 16 decks from the Eternal Tournament Series 2018 World Championship


December 14, 2018 – Congratulations to all of the Eternal Card Game players who qualified for RNGEternal’s Eternal Tournament Series 2018 World Championship — especially to Tobboo of the Eternal Titans for their first place finish, following a trail blazed by teammate camat0 who was last year’s ETS World Champion.

To commemorate the conclusion of the 2018 ETS series, we have assembled here a gallery of Power base visualizations for each of the Championship decks, from Skycrag to Chalice.

Share the Power

Shareable links and full market support added  to the fan-built Eternal Power Calculator

November 14, 2018 – Eternal brewers can now share or store Power base visualizations generated by the fan-built Eternal Power Calculator at Shiftstoned by creating a unique link for their decklist. You can use this feature to facilitate collaborative deckbuilding, or maintain a personal archive of different builds and works in progress.

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Streams Come True: featuring Grimfan

Grimfan couldn’t decide what was more important in last week’s Eternal Tournament Series competition: Streaming? Or winning?
So he did both: topping the first-ever community qualifying event for the Eternal World Championship 2019, and doing it all on camera.
In this interview, the Eternal Titan chats with Shiftstoned about his past, present and future in Eternal Card Game:

New Level 100 Faction Totems for Time and Shadow!

I logged in today and was surprised to see two newly upgraded totems in my game menus: one for Shadow and one for Time. (The others are unchanged).

Although I haven’t seen an official announcement, I’m assuming these are the Faction Level 100 totems that were rumored – since I’m at level 100 in these two colors and not the others.

They are both pretty cool, and I’ve included images/descriptions below. So if you’d rather not have them spoiled, turn back now before its too late!


The Time totem features a sort of spiraling star gate animation surrounding the rings of the gong, from which emerge a number of ghostly flying Clockroaches:


You have to touch the light on one of the support posts then hit the gong to make this work.

The Shadow totem has a big jolly (also ghostly) Radiant that emerges from the pool, raises his fists and gives off a sinister laugh:


This one is much easier to trigger – all you have to do is hit somewhere in the center of the pool/tree area.