Miner’s Canary

Tweet! Another beautifully illustrated critter. Miner’s Canary seems slightly playable in constructed decks that need an early defensive flyer. It successfully blocks the likes of a certain skillful commando for one thing.

But ultimately this is probably more of an “ok” draft pick. In general it seems like a decent enough card, if a bit unexciting.

While it makes sense to me that the earliest spoilers for a new set would be modest in terms of power level, I can’t help but feel like there is a missed opportunity here.

Why not somehow relate Miner’s Canary to the foreboding “Canary in a Coalmine? Surely this is where the inspiration for the name comes from.

Seems like a flavor fail to not include a special ability that goes along with the theme of a doomed bird whose death foreshadows a dangerous threat,  something like  – Entomb: You see the top card of each deck this turn.”

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