Time Level 100 and Level 90 rewards

Rise up

Back in May, I blogged about reaching Shadow level 100 after some friends and fellow Eternal players were asking me what the rewards were.

More recently I also reached Level 100 in Time and kind of forgot about it until someone mentioned it again. They wanted to know if I was the first to reach Level 100 in any faction.

I honestly don’t know the answer to that question, but I’m not aware of anyone else who has documented it.

At any rate, if you are wondering what the current rewards are for reaching Level 90 and up in Faction Progress, read on:


As with Shadow Level 100, reaching Time Level 100 will earn you…an Omens of the Past pack.

I’ve heard a rumor that some enhanced rewards for Level 100 Faction Progress are in the works (possibly a Totem, or Totem upgrade?) so I’m looking forward to seeing whatever those may be.

Marisen lives!

Meanwhile, the reward for Level 90 was actually more interesting: a Marisen deck image.


Speaking of Marisen, I was intrigued to read about her appearance at the throne room duel between Eilyn and Kaleb that was documented in the latest chapter of Eternal lore.

Some had speculated that Kaleb killed Marisen after their confrontation at the Praxis Aracnum during the Empty Throne campaign. That never seemed quite right to me, so I was glad to see those rumors put to rest.

Now, about those Fire, Justice and Primal levels…still have some ground to cover there.

Just speculating here, but I’m hoping for some Worldpyre Phoenix, Jarrall Iceheart and Marshal Ironthorn deck images.

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