New Level 100 Faction Totems for Time and Shadow!

I logged in today and was surprised to see two newly upgraded totems in my game menus: one for Shadow and one for Time. (The others are unchanged).

Although I haven’t seen an official announcement, I’m assuming these are the Faction Level 100 totems that were rumored – since I’m at level 100 in these two colors and not the others.

They are both pretty cool, and I’ve included images/descriptions below. So if you’d rather not have them spoiled, turn back now before its too late!


The Time totem features a sort of spiraling star gate animation surrounding the rings of the gong, from which emerge a number of ghostly flying Clockroaches:


You have to touch the light on one of the support posts then hit the gong to make this work.

The Shadow totem has a big jolly (also ghostly) Radiant that emerges from the pool, raises his fists and gives off a sinister laugh:


This one is much easier to trigger – all you have to do is hit somewhere in the center of the pool/tree area.

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